Now there is an option to top up your prepaid card on-line 24/7.

To do so you’ll need to contact Chris at office hours on 0851041574

You can also send a text message with request to send you that details.

On-line top up available on :


To login for the first time you will need special USER code and PASSWORD available with Chris.


1/ Contact us to get your USER and PASSWORD for your card – don’t forget to give us the number of your CARD.
2/ Go to website and login using your USER and PASSWORD.
3/ Create your NEW USER ( your email ) and NEW PASSWORD –
Password must contain: Lowercase letter, Uppercase letter, Special character ( !@#$%^&*? ) , Digits and Minimum 8 characters.
4/ press SAVE – The system will send you activation code to your email.
5/ Open your email, check also SPAM BOX for email from:
6/ Copy and paste your activation code and press CONFIRM.
Your account is ready.
To login next time to use your email as a USER and the PASSWORD you have just created. Thank you.


2. Check your email and spam box for code

3. Enter the code you received

4. Your account is ready

5. Now you can change the pin if like

6. To make top ups faster enter your details

7. Save your detail

8. Recharge

9. Choose your payment method